About Us


Thank you for visiting Orilie's Medical Supply at orilie.com.  This is a wholesale medical supply store with over 20,000 items on the site.  We have access to up to 50,000 items from our suppliers. 

Orilie's is a Veteran Owned and Black Owned Business.  The parent company G.S. Woods Financial Solutions LLC. is a certified Veteran Owned Small Business by the U.S. Veterans Administration.  It is also listed as a  Small Diverse Business supplier in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

I'm Graeme, the owner of Orilies Medical Supply.  Orilie is named after my daughters ages 2 and 6. I created this store for members of my family who work in the medical profession.  At the begining of the COVID-19 pandemic there was, and still is, a scramble for for PPE and other medical supplies for medical professionals.  It became prohibitively expensive just to buy a mask.  The last straw was when we tried to shop resources at a well known ecommerce site that not only extended delivery times on PPE up to 60 days (We need it now), they decided that only hospitals were allowed to buy PPE from them.  So, I created this store for regular people.  To keep prices low and to supply hard to find items.  Finding PPE is still an issue.  

Here's some boring stuff: Orilie's Medical Supply is our trading as name (DBA) Our real name is GSW Trading Company (GSWTC). The Trading company is a single member LLC owned by GS Woods Financial Solutions LLC which is then owned by me.  My background is as a financial analyst and financial planner.  I have an MBA, a CLU®, and a ChFC® (More about me).  I created GSWTC for my own private investment into things. My analysis of various opportunities, of risks, and of the economy led to me creating Orilie's Medical Supply. 

So, please shop, let me know what you need.  I will try to find it for you.  Use my contact page, email me direct at service@orilie.com or message me on Facebook here.   I don't know.

Please Be patient with me.  This is a solo enterprise.  Also, I am home schooling my children for the next year.  This is why I don't have a customer service number. I realize I need one so i am working on getting one with an answer service.